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May 1, 2023


Everything about MSX, and more…


MSXALL (Julio Marchi) has been part of the MSX Universe since the 80's, participating as co-Editor of the CPU-MSX Magazine and engaged in multiple MSX projects.
16 min read

An epic battle is about to unfold! The greatest pilot with the best ship against the most proficient AI android ever made. This is the story of a game that was created in 1990 by a young developer, released only in 2005, that vanished a few years later, to finally once again resurface just now, in 2021.

7 min read

The MSXDev is one of the most stimulating contests currently stimulating people to produce new game titles for MSX. It is fun, exciting, and, beyond anything else, surprising what MSX users are able to accomplish nowadays. Literally, hundreds of new games have been created as homebrew and released for the community amusement thanks to the contest, and if it was not impressive enough, it gets better every year.

12 min read

A classic shoot’em up action exclusively created for the MSX featuring classic arcade action, smooth scrolling, 5 stages with multiple enemy types, and a boss! Everything MSX fans love, plus a twist…