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July 20, 2024


Everything about MSX, and more…


Above all greatness related to the MSX standard, its communities easily make the top five.

Amazingly enough, instead of shrinking in recent years, it has grown and even gained new enthusiasts, people that just came to learn about the MSX and were never introduced to the standard in the ’80s or ’90s, including many that weren’t even alive at the time.

It is not always perfect, like any other gathering of human beings, not necessarily everyone is on the same page. But, even then, for many decades people from all over the world keep gathering and uniting around MSX to exchange ideas, information, projects, assistance, offer support, and work together to maintain and evolve the standard, going from simple ideas to amazing implementations.

Our portal main goal is to be part of this great movement helping communities to stay active and together, which requires cooperation a lot of effort to disseminate information. There are countless amazing initiatives nowadays involving MSX communities, and we believe every single effort that – one way or another – brings people together around the MSX should be promoted and stimulated.

In this session of our portal you will find:


One of the first initiatives of the MSX international community to stay in touch and promote MSX was the List Groups. Before known as List Groups, these are the main ones responsible for promoting and integrating community initiatives in the last century (last millennium, actually) and yet today are active and an important source MSX related content.


With the evolution of the Internet and the inception of Social Networks, new and old generations found new more interactive ways to stay in touch. While not as solid or preservational as the List Groups, the Social Network tools are incredibly powerful to disseminate news and integrate people around MSX.


Another important gathering zone, even older than List Groups, is the IRC Channels. If you believe “Slack” is cool and useful, then you will feel at home using IRC channels. There are many active ones nowadays, freely available for anyone to join and talk about MSX.


Talking about old stuff, the ancient pre-internet solution called BBS has found its way to the new era of technology and communication. The cool thing about BBS is that not only they bring us back to a time where we were more focused on quality and content, but also some MSX BBS today are actually hosted on MSX machines connected to the internet. Nothing can be cooler than that!

Coming Soon

We are working on expanding the MSXALL Portal. Soon the Communities session will also offer the following:


It is amazing the number of MSX websites out there. It is very hard to keep track of everyone, but it is imperative we try. Each MSX website is an important contribution to help preserve the MSX history, and sure enough a great source of information about our beloved 8-bit platform.


The MSX Standard is one of the richest platforms of all time in terms of all it can offer, and there are amazing repositories around the globe available that share their collections all over the Internet. Games, applications, emulators, projects, tools, books, magazines, datasheets, manuals, etc… You name it! If it exists, you will find it somewhere in one of the MSX repositories listed in this session.

While those sessions are under construction, feel free to navigate through the currently available ones above listed. You will find articles, reviews, and other great content, including a direct download area with related items.