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February 26, 2024


Everything about MSX, and more…

IRC : Internet Relay Chat

For those who do not know what an IRC is, just think about Slack! IRC is pretty much the same thing (actually, it is the other way around).

IRC is a great tool to allow multiple people to orderly communicate on the same chat channel. On IRC people can engage in a group conversation or private chats, exchange files, etc… like I said: exactly like Slack!

There are many IRC channels on several servers that are open for people to freely join the conversation. But, you must behave and be courteous, otherwise, moderators will either de-voice you or ban you from ever rejoining the channel again.

Here a compiled list of available IRC servers and channels that are 100% dedicated to MSX. The channel names below are links to the channels. When you click on them a popup window will open with a full flagged IRC client ready to be used, directly from the web (no installation required). Just choose a nickname and click [connect] and you will be in the channel:

Server: • Port: 6667
Channels:   #MSXALL - The Official MSXALL Group channel
  #MSX - A MSX channel for everyone (by MSXALL)
Server: • Port: 6667
Channels: #openMSX - The Official OpenMSX channel
Server: • Port: 6667
Channels: #MSX - A channel about MSX
Note:   Undernet is known to present challenges connecting sometimes. It is a limitation in their own network.
If you cannot connect to it via web, please try using a traditional IRC client such as mIRC or HexChat.
Server: • Port: 6667
Channels: #MSX - A MSX dedicated channel
  #MSXASM - Official MAP (MSX Assembly Page) channel
  #MSXDEV - MSX development & chat since 2002
Server: • Port: 6667
Channels: #RetroBytes - All about retro gaming and classic systems!

Each server may use different software on their infrastructure, but they are very similar in terms of ChanServ and NickServ options. To learn more about what each server can offer, you can click on the name of the server on the left column of the chat and interact with their system. A good start point is to enter the command /help.

It is also possible to register a unique nickname, this way every time you access the chat, you will have the same name and will be recognized by everyone. Once registered, a nickname cannot be used by anyone else and you can use it with any IRC client for that same server. 

Don’t be shy! Just join the conversation and let’s talk about MSX!!!