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July 20, 2024


Everything about MSX, and more…

Social Networks

Social Networks

Social Networks embed a lot of services. Many of those services are merely reminiscent of old technologies with a new face and limited scope. Even then, as Social Network tools are everywhere and cross-reference with almost everything, it surely reaches a wider and more active audience.

Even considering the fact Social Network communication tools and communities all suffer from the humongous weakness of being the worse possible solution to retain information, they are still a perfect solution for the current time to connect, integrate and disseminate quick information, which is exactly why we have compiled this list! To allow people to discover those information channels and exchange information about our beloved MSX.


  • MSXALL Group
    The official MSXALL Group on Facebook, open for everyone to participate and contribute.
  • MSX Brasil PRO
    Gropp specialized in teaching Assembly, either for newbies or for more experienced people. (Idiom: Brazilian Portuguese)
  • MSX Underground Development
    The Developer International Group for the MSX computer system. (Idiom: Any language is allowed)
  • GDMSX – Retro-Tech Development Group
    Community created to discuss new developments for retro-technologies and new technologies for several computers since, MSX, C64, ZX Spectrum, AMIGA, and sometimes about new platforms like PCs and Macs. Why not?
  • MSXPi
    Group created to support the project MSXPi (Idiom: Brazilian Portuguese)
    Group dedicated to the MSX Standard and its games, either classic or yet in development (Idiom: Spanish)
  • AAMSX – Barcelona MSX Meeting User Group
    Group created to discuss topics related to the AAMSX, Organizers, collaborators, assistants, and people with a personal interest in the group meetings are welcome to participate. (Idiom: Spanish)
  • MSX Culture
    Welcome to MSX Culture a Facebook group about all things MSX! Each week I’ll post an image or video to enjoy/discuss. 
    A Private MSX Group where it seems any language is allowed.
  • MSX Italia
    The MSX Italia group is a space dedicated to all fans of the “multiethnic” world of the MSX standard. (Idiom: Italian)
  • MSX turbo R
    This is the first Facebook group totally dedicated to MSX turbo R. The purpose of this Group is to share app, games, demos, programs, manuals, files, info, and experience!
  • MSX Finland
    A group dedicated to the MSX Machines and its siblings. (Idiom: Finnish)
  • MSX Home Computers
    General discussion about MSX.  A great group made for newbies and people who are just discovering the MSX.
  • MSX Boixos Club
    MSX computer club that organized the local meeting of MSX users in Badalona (Barcelona), between 1995 and 2002 on a monthly basis. (Idiom: Spanish)
  • MSX UK Users Group
    MSX UK community on Facebook. Yes, there are some MSX still alive in the Great Britain!
  • MSX
    MSX Home Computers. We also like motorcycles of course.
    A community dedicated entirely to the worldwide standard of MSX computers and to all new projects related to the standard. (Idiom: Brazilian Portuguese)
  • MSX Brasil
    This is a group dedicated to the classic MSX computer platform. It isn’t related to the MSX motorcycle model. (Idiom: Brazilian Portuguese)
  • MSX Desarrollo en español
    Group dedicated to the development for MSX computers in Spanish. Technical documentation, consultations, help, tutorials, etc. Time to learn how to program your MSX! (Idiom: Spanish)
  • Revista Clube MSX
    Clube MSX magazine group, created for readers to interact with the publication. Be welcome! (Idiom: Brazilian Portuguese)
  • MSX Classic
    MSX Group with only the essence of the official MSX (1983-1990), content that has to do with OPL4, V9990, etc… (Idiom: Spanish)
  • MsxRevival – Development Hardware Retrô for MSX
    Support group for the development of hardware and software for the MSX standard. (Idiom: Spanish)
  • MSX
    Only MSX computers. (Idiom: Spanish and English)
  • Grupo MSX & ZX Argentina
    For the love of all MSX, ZX, and 8-bit machines in general. (Idiom: Spanish)
  • MSX Computer Fanland
    Discuss the MSX. It’s games, hardware, new stuff, old stuff.
  • MSX Expert 3
    Exclusive group for discussions about the MSX Expert 3 project





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Chat Groups

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