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July 20, 2024


Everything about MSX, and more…

A 64K EEPROM Advanced MSX Cartridge

3 min read
Up to a multi-use, multi-ROM, fully programmable by users MSX cartridge?
A 64K EEPROM Advanced MSX Cartridge

Wouldn’t it be cool if, in the eventuality you have a 64Kb FlashROM memory (W27c512) handy, you could record four 16Kb ROMs or two 32Kb ROMs in it, plug it to the MSX, and select which ROM would be executed via switches or jumpers?

Well… this is exactly what this project is all about!

Thanks to the collaboration of PAKOTOMSX with the initial MSXMakers! project, the team completed their 64Kb EEPROM cartridge page where they explain about their project and provide advanced details on how to prepare and program it with a ROM that is a combination of multiple games.

The proposed cartridge is fully programmable by users with a 64 Kb ROM file that is a combination of multiple MSX programs, as far the ROMS are either 16Kb or 32Kb. The instructions are fairly simple and can be found in this post.

Basically, the ROMS must be combine in a way each individual ROM will seat on an exactly position in the EEPROM, so the device can be configured (via jumper/switches) to point to that location and set the cartridge address to correctly allow that program in ROM to be executed.

We don’t know if the cartridge itself will soon be release as Open Source Hardware (as many MSXMakers! projects are), or if it will be sold as DYI Kit, or maybe as a full scale product. As soon as we know, you will now…

For now, we only have the information provided above and the original post that announced it. Stay put!


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