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February 26, 2024


Everything about MSX, and more…


We are not capable of doing so many of the incredible things many members of the MSX Community have done – and continue doing – for our beloved MSX. We would love it if we could, but we are not geniuses as so many of you are. But we have other means to contribute, and it is what we are trying to do with the MSXAL Portal.

Our mission is as simple as our vision: to provide incentives, unite, and share. We believe that helping promote anything and everything anyone and everyone does for the MSX, or with the MSX, is exactly what will keep the MSX going. We do not believe there is an achievement better or more important than others. Every single one is simply great and we thank everyone for everything. Beyond that, we do not believe anyone should be competing (or, if we do it, it must be for the fun of it). Any initiative towards MSX must be welcomed, supported, and valued, and we want to promote and contribute with everyone in any way we can.

If you believe our vision and our mission are in alignment with ours, please join the movement and help. There is no shortage of ideas and options, it is just a matter of cooperation to make it all better. We are committed to doing all we can to embrace and facilitate any MSX initiative. Feel free to reach out to us via the Contact Page. We are listening.

Thank you for being part of the MSX Universe!

Julio Marchi
The MSX-ALL Team Coordinator 
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