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May 22, 2024


Everything about MSX, and more…

Freedom Fighter – Cartridge version!

3 min read
A game project that began just as a test screen soft scrolling for MSX 1, just to evolve as a full version vertical shooter that now is evolving once again to a physical edition.

It is a great game everyone talked about on the MSXDev’20. A Shoot-’em-up developed by Pintus Giuseppe Ettore (aka Geppo, aka @thegeps) and with music and sound effects by Phaze101, which is now available in a cartridge version!

Back in 2018, Giuseppe started exploring soft scrolling on MSX 1 screens, which resulted in a nice technical discussion on the MSX Resource Center website. The discussion evolved and what was simply an exploration turned into a true Zanac-Style vertical shooter game that was then named Freedom Fighter. What is cool about all that is that the author was able to finish the game in time to enter it in the MSXDev’20 contest, where it ended up at 5th place with a score of 74%.

After the contest, Giuseppe continued working on the game, adding improvements in performance and other features. The final version differs from the previously released MSXDev contest version in few ways:

  • It is an enhanced version, more playable, with a lot of graphical content added;
  • It now has 5 levels, 9 pieces of excellent music, 10 weapon upgrade levels, 3 secrets (codes included in the manual);
  • Now the game allows ship selection to play using famous MSX starships from Zanac, Twinbee, Hype, Star Soldier, and Star Force (a cool homage to some other amazing shump games);
  • The physical release comes as a 192K ROM cartridge (ASCII 16 mapper) in a jewel case with a full-color cover.

The Cartridge Version of the game is open for pore-sales. For more info and pre-order, please send an email to