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May 30, 2024


Everything about MSX, and more…

MSXDev’22 #11: Micro Rocketz

2 min read
Keen on overpowering planet Earth, a menace lurks from beyond the stars.

This contest entry is… well… something unusual to say the least. But, you will have to try it to understand.

The game story tells that a menace lurks from beyond the stars keen on overpowering planet Earth, and only the powerful female cyborg SVETLN_A7 can defend the planet with her light-speed reflexes!

The game tagline says “Stop the alien invaders from a parallel universe! One dimension, one world, one invader“, and it is exactly what it is. Once again, only the ones who try it will understand it.

But, be warned, when they say “get ready for a hyperspace battle involving huge energy matrix blocks“, they mean it.

Check it out:

Note: The game Micro Rocketz is a rehash of Skullrs, published at MSXDev’17.