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April 22, 2023


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Rocketman: A new RPG game in development for MSX

2 min read
A new arcade title with RPG touches is on the horizon for MSX. Rocketman, by Renovatio Corp, is in development and based on the beautiful artwork on the game cover, the expectations are for nothing less than a new potential MSX classic.
Rocketman: A new RPG game in development for MSX

It is always great news when we learn about a new games is in works for our beloved system. In this case, it’s is not a remake, a new version, or a clone of any existing game. It is an entirely new game story, an arcade title with RPG touches that haven’t been seen before. The game name is Rocketman, and it is being developed by Renovatio Corp.

Little is known beyond that about this project at this point, but the proposed cover for the game has made public at this AAMSX post and it is simply amazing! The astonishing artwork was created by the professional illustrator Ángel Luis Sánchez, who previously worked for the Spanish company Zigurat and more recently is in charge of the illustration and layout of the book Amstrad CPC Forever by Atila Merino.

We will keep an eye on any news or gossips about this new game project. While is it always a celebration when any new title is released for the MSX, it is very exciting to learn about a project like Rocketman and get those exciting beautiful glimpses of the work in progress.