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May 13, 2024


Everything about MSX, and more…

List Groups

Also known as Email List, the List Groups are somewhat evolutions of systems like Usenet e Fidonet in terms of grouop messaging exchange based on topics.

Before computers, Amateur Radio was used by many people to gather around frequencies simply to speak freely and exchange thoughts.

With the advent of computers, a similar concept gave birth to the BBS (Bulletin Board Systems), which later, in the early internet time, inspired systems like IRC and NewsGroups. From that to Email Lists, and then beyond, it was just a natural evolution.

Just because those technologies are old many people nowadays believe List Groups are dead to the detriment of newer chat groups and social network systems. But, List Groups are still here, offering something no other communication tool can offer: information retention and retrievability. List Groups are an invaluable source of information, tips, and tricks that may not be found anywhere online. It alone put List Groups in a very important position for the MSX Standard, besides the fact they were largely responsible for the MSX to endure this far.

There are many MSX related List Groups active today, some more than others, but all deserve our attention and appreciation.

  • MSXBR-L – The Brazilian MSX Discussion List
    One of the oldest and more prestigious MSX List Groups in the world, and the most relevant discussion lists in Brazilian Portuguese about MSX. The MSXBR-L is where most of the greatest creators of so many amazing products from Brazil exchange their ideas and information. Official website:
    Active Since 1995 • Hosted at Amplus • Using Mailman • Require Registration
  • MSXALL :: Everything about the MSX Universe
    A list dedicated to exchanging information about the MSX standard without restrictions or specific topics. Originally created in Brazilian Portuguese, nowadays the list welcomes MSX users from around the globe. Official website:
    Active Since 2000 • Hosted at Google Groups (prior on Yahoo Groups) • Require Registration
  • GD MSX
    Self-proclaimed “A development group that makes software and other cool stuff for MSX“, this discussion group in Brazilian Portuguese with focus on the development of new software, libraries, new technologies. For them, the only thing forbidden is to say that it is impossible.
    Active Since 2019 • Hosted at Google Groups  • Require Registration
  • MSX Brasil
    Another group in Brazilian Portuguese dedicated to discussions related to MSX. Great for beginners and new enthusiasts.
    Active Since 2019 • Hosted at Google Groups  • Require Registration
  • HispaMSX
    A dedicated list that talks about MSX in Spanish (Castellano). The same group that maintains this list also hosts and maintains the HispaMSX BBS (more information here). Official website:
    Active Since 1999 • Hosted at Google Groups (prior on Yahoo Groups) • Require Registration
  • grupoMSX
    A Mailing list dedicated to the development, preservation, and history of MSX in Argentina. 
    Hosted at Google Groups • Require Registration
  • MSX Italia
    An Italian MSX Group. 
    Hosted at Google Groups • Require Registration
  • MSX Group
    In English idiom, this group allows all discussions about MSX.
    Hosted at Google Groups • Require Registration
  • Retro MSX
    Another small group that aims to create discussion and awareness about the MSX.
    Hosted at Google Groups • No registration required
  • MSX L
    One more group in Brazilian Portuguese about the MSX.
    Active Since 2006 • Hosted at Google Groups • No registration required

The List Groups above presented are mostly web-based, but there are many that still reside at Usenet, Fidonet, and other NNTP based networks. Some of those groups are somewhat active, and the good news is that they are fully accessible via Google Groups.

Most of those groups may still be open to register and participate, however, moderated:

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