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April 23, 2023


Everything about MSX, and more…


UniMapper MSX (MSX universal mapper cartridge) 5 min read

The MSX Unimapper is a cartridge platform for MSX computers that separately supports 4 different mappers and allows to launch software and game ROMs up to 512kb on any compatible MSX system. The mappers are emulated by 2 or 3 programmable logic (PLD) GAL22V10 chips. Each mapper requires its own firmware to be programmed into the PLDs. The cartridge platform includes 2 different variants of the same cartridge.

Inverting the Slots of the Brazilian MSX Plus & DD-Plus 2 min read

In Brazil, a company called Gradient released a few cloned versions of the MSX. The first version was a gray version called Expert, and it had two releases: 1.0 and 1.1. However, when it was the time to release the MSX 2.0, for some reason Gradient stepped back with its plans and released the MSX Plus and DD-Plus as MSX 1 version with only few enhancements, being the DD-Plus a release with a 3 1/2 drive embedded in the cabinet.