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April 25, 2023


Everything about MSX, and more…

Tri-Nauts, a new game by Physical Dreams lurks on the horizon

3 min read
Promised for the end of this year, Tri-Nauts is just one of the Physical Dreams' projects in full power towards completion, and it is looking - and sounding - awesome.

On a Facebook post, Jose Luis Salguero just shared that he and the Physical Dreams team are working non-stop on their new game, TRI-NAUTS. Despite “Campanera being their next title to hit the market, their goal is to have it completed before the end of the year!

The game looks awesome and the music is nothing less than a gift to the ears, all full MSX flavored. It is not a new video, but it is awesome to watch and bring a small flavor of what is about to come:

Do you like the graphics? The game-play? The music? Of course you do! But, there is more. Check out this other video and simply get delighted with the quality of what is about to come for our beloved MSX:

The most interesting concept of Tri-Nauts is the unique idea that players will have to control 3 characters at a time. But, on a clever twist, on some levels there will be only one player. So, when players get use to combine efforts to solve the puzzles, the game will throw a curved-ball and isolate one of the characters to play solo and solve a level without any help.

It is said that hardcore players will have to bring forward a good mix of skills in platform and RPG games to see this game through… But surely everyone will enjoy it!

To stay up-to-date with Physical Dreams Games and their amazing projects, just follow them on Twitter: @physicaldreams1